Conference themes

(last update, March 1st 12:00)

In exploring this theme, papers are encouraged along the following themes:

· the impact of globalization on policy making and implementation; changes induced by the shifting role of the state; contemporary actors of development;

· globalization and European integration: consequences upon national development policies;

· sustainable development policies in the context of globalization;

· globalization and communication; mass media as the drivers of globalization;

· European regional development policy; development models of other economic regions (the Pacific Rim, North America);

· Development and modernization; the situation of the new EU Member states from Central and Eastern Europe;

· Innovation, research and education: the magic triangle of contemporary development; innovation management;

· Project management as a macroeconomic strategy of development; project-oriented companies and the project-oriented nation.

The indicative sections of the conference are:

· Development policy making and implementation;

· Education and development;

· Globalization and European integration;

· Globalization and communication;

· Project management as the means to implement a development vision.

Depending on the interest of authors, the sessions will be extended in order to incorporate other development- and globalization-related issues.

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