Conference themes

(last update, January 1st 12:00)

Potential paper topics might include, but are not limited to, subjects such as:

  1. Research and technological development policies
  2. Knowledge and innovation – the contemporary drivers of competitiveness
  3. Patterns of economic development and R&D performance
  4. The European research area
  5. R&D policies in the European Union. EU financial support for Research and Development
  6. Crisis and negotiation in a Globalized World
  7. Social and political problems after the Lisbon Treaty
  8. Entrepreneurship and innovation
  9. Innovation in the business sector. The role of Small and Medium Enterprises 
  10. Innovation, research and education: the magic triangle of contemporary development
  11. New models of education management in the context of globalization
  12. University – government – industry collaborations. Best practice examples
  13. Education and the emergence of the knowledge society
  14. Education and the new media
  15. Learning and knowledge management
  16. Culture, social interaction and diversity management in innovation
  17. Projects and innovation management
  18. Project management as a macroeconomic approach
  19. Management of R&D projects
  20. Globalization and communication; mass media as the drivers of globalization
  21. Globalization and governance
  22. Globalization and innovation, globalization of innovation


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